Leadership & Staff

Sobriety is possible. Recovery is life-changing.

The Leadership Team of Spokane Falls Recovery Center has worked to create a unique recovery center for Spokane, embodying care and compassion for people’s circumstances, their histories, and their individual needs. We know the Spokane community, and each one of us are intimately familiar with the journey of recovery. We live the message that we share with the people who come here: sobriety is possible, and recovery is life-changing. We help you take the next step toward recovery in your own life.

Leadership Team

photo of Brandon Sturm, DC
Brandon Sturm, DC
Executive Director

Brandon has found victory in a life of long-term recovery, which began in 2007 after struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. His purpose today is to bring the pieces together for others in treatment, with the flexibility that makes it possible to experience the true miracle of recovery, and to provide a genuine place of healing at Spokane Falls Recovery Center.
Brandon has worked in executive leadership for substance use treatment facilities since 2012, starting in Prescott, Arizona, and then moving to Spokane, Washington. In his leadership of Spokane Falls Recovery Center, he emphasizes community connections and creating an environment that is as healthy for employees as it is for the people who receive care here.

photo of Corrie Sturm, NAC
Corrie Sturm
Director of Administrative Operations

Corrie began her journey in recovery in 2007 and accredits her joy and life successes to sobriety. The forefront of her life’s purpose today is positively impacting people in need and witnessing others overcome addiction. As Director of Administrative Operations, Corrie oversees human resources, facilities, and employee management. These entities are the operational pieces that build a safe and effective treatment environment and offer a healthy place to work for employees. Against that wider background of effective operations, Corrie is committed to adding the little things that let people know that they are seen as a person with dignity, with compassion and understanding for the choices they have made and the choices they will make to find a better life, free of addiction.

photo of Tracy Dantzler, BA, SUDP
Tracy Dantzler, BA, SUDP

Tracy has worked in the field of addiction for 23 years, in both private and public settings. She delivers sincere compassion for those who struggle with addiction and believes in their ability to transform their lives. It is her passion for helping others and being an integral part of the change process while working with colleagues and individuals that sets her apart from the rest.
Tracy leads Spokane Falls Recovery Center with impeccable ethics and standards of excellence. She is committed to providing the best care possible to the individuals served, while ensuring compliance with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria and Washington state administrative codes.

Megan Curran
Director of Operations

Megan believes wholeheartedly that a life in recovery is a life well-lived.  Megan’s journey of recovery began in 2014, and she enjoys the opportunity to share her own experience with others. She is excited to be in a position where she can help people first-hand as they walk through the doors of Spokane Falls Recovery Center. She believes everyone who seeks help through our treatment facility can find freedom from active addiction, and she is grateful to work for a company that shows people the door to recovery. Megan is inspired by individuals who have a desire for change and who take the courageous first step of asking for help.  In her off time, Megan is an avid rock climber and community volunteer.

photo of Brian Haberbush, ARNP
Brian Haberbush, ARNP
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Brian Haberbush is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner who specializes in working with individuals struggling with substance use disorders. Brian graduated from Washington State University in 2006 with a degree in nursing. After practicing as an ICU nurse in Spokane, WA. Brian returned to school and graduated with a master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner. Since that time, Brian has focused his work in primary care and drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. He has had the opportunity to work within different local behavioral health facilities that offer a variety of different treatment modalities. Brian’s specialized knowledge of the physical symptoms and mental health issues associated with substance use and the recovery process provides an essential component to our treatment program.

Nicole Scott, SUDP
Substance Use Disorder Professional

Nicole’s journey into recovery began in December of 2013, after experiencing the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol that left her void of family, a home and hope. She has found purpose in helping men and women find solution and empowerment in themselves through education in treatment of substance use. She began working with women in early treatment and found she wanted to do more to help people along their journey, leading her to pursue a degree in Addiction Studies. Nicole has worked in the field since 2014, became a licensed counselor in 2016 and has worked with those in private treatment and within correctional settings. She recently became a new mom, fulfilling a dream she felt was long past gone. Today, she works with a dynamic team supporting men and women in treatment to gain an understanding of their disease, so they too may find that they are worthy of the gift of recovery.

photo of Carol Streit, BA, SUDP
Carol Streit, BA, SUDP
Substance Use Disorder Professional

Licensed by the state of Washington as a Substance Use Disorder Professional, Carol is the face and partner of day-to-day treatment activities at Spokane Falls Recovery Center. She enjoys working closely with each individual to help them identify their strengths and to use them to chart their journey to recovery. She facilitates group, individual, and family sessions. Additionally, she ensures that any legal, medical, or state requirements are satisfied in a timely, professional manner. She believes that recovery can be transformative and aspires to instill in others the hope and joy she has found in her own journey.

photo of Michelle Weinbender, RDN
Michelle Weinbender, RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Michelle Weinbender is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with 27 years of experience as a dietitian working in both hospitals and outpatient settings. She graduated from Central Washington University with bachelors’ degrees in both psychology and food science and nutrition. She has focused the later part of her career on the treatment of eating disorders having worked in intensive programming and outpatient clinics.
Michelle Weinbender helps individuals with disordered eating discover a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. She is able to combine her degrees and provide evidence-based nutrition treatment and individualized treatment planning to meet the needs of the individuals served at Spokane Falls Recovery Center.

Jess Haberman, MS, LMHC, NCC, MHP, CMHS, SUDPT
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Jess has worked as a Mental Health Counselor for almost 6 years.  She is licensed through the state of Washington as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Mental Health Provider (MHP), Child Mental Health Specialist (CMHS) and has her certification as a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC).  Jess is trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Yoga Calm, and EMDR therapy. In working with many individuals who have experienced trauma, she realized that substance use disorders are a significant area of concern in many of their lives. She went back to school for Addiction Studies and holds her Substance Use Disorder Professional Trainee licensure through Washington State. Jess chose to pursue her passion working within the substance use disorder field by joining the team at Spokane Falls Recovery Center.

Jess believes that people have the desire to improve their lives, as well as the capacity to do so when they are able to see and believe in their own strengths. It takes courage to begin the journey into a life that embraces recovery. Jess has found this to be true in her own life and hopes to support and encourage others through providing authentic and compassionate care.

photo of Gabriel Minchow
Gabriel Minchow, MBA
Admissions Coordinator/Marketer

Gabriel began his journey in recovery when he moved to Spokane in April of 2014. His mission is to make a tangible impact and improve the quality of life for those around him. He has a professional background in healthcare administration and finance. Since finding sobriety he has earned two higher education degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, and a Master of Business Administration (both from Eastern Washington University).

Gabriel is thrilled to be able to put his education to good use and combine his business acumen with his knowledge of recovery. He is very passionate about connecting people with various resources and removing barriers that could keep them from getting the help they need.

Gregg Keith
Administrative Assistant

Gregg has taken on several roles at Spokane Falls Recovery Center including assisting the Marketing Team and Administrative Assistant. Gregg has many years of working hands on in his family businesses both in the office and in the field. He believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of living his life free from drugs and alcohol and has a great desire to help people.

Emily Toles
Yoga Instructor

Emily is a certified Yoga Instructor with 7 years of experience.  When Emily first experienced the benefits of yoga, she found that it had a profound impact on her life. She feels that yoga, in many ways, changes lives, and wanted to share what she has learned and experienced with others.  What she would like to, and hope to, bring to her classes is the very thing she has always loved about a yoga class: getting to a place physically, mentally or spiritually that she has not been before. Emily specializes in making Yoga accessible for all ages and experience levels.

Christina Braaten
Massage Therapist

Christina is a nationally board-certified massage therapist who specializes in the reduction and management of chronic and rehabilitative pain issues. Her first certification was in the Vodder Technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. She then sought the higher level of training to also hold the title of Certified Lymphedema Therapist through the International Lymphedema and Wound Training Institute. Her passion for her work has led her to embrace Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IATSM), Connective Tissue massage, Trigger Point therapy and Modern Cupping. In addition to being a massage therapist, she teaches Pilates, loves classical music and taking care of her many plants and her big Great Pyrenees dog, Dutchess.

Daniel Jacobs
Maintenance Technician

Daniel Jacobs is the Maintenance Technician amongst many things at Spokane Falls Recovery Center. He has many years of experience and endless certifications allowing him to take care of the maintenance needs. Daniel has experienced the devastation of family members engulfed in addiction and supports our mission to help people find recovery. Daniel is an integral part of the Spokane Falls Recovery Center Team.