Coordinating with Referring Professionals

group learning about providers and referrers for spokane falls recovery center and about the help for providers and referrersAt Spokane Falls Recovery Center, we believe our relationships with referring professionals and with other treatment and recovery programs are critical to our own success, to the fabric of our community, and to the long-term recovery and health of the people who receive care here. We regularly work with doctors and health professionals, other treatment programs, legal representatives, and other providers to coordinate care. We encourage all providers and referrers to reach out to us and keep lines of communication open to help those in need.

We are eager to be in regular and open communication with you and your practice. You can count on our clinicians to maintain appropriate records and provide status updates as requested. Our clinicians and addiction treatment programs are licensed and credentialed according to Washington administrative codes, and we follow the treatment standards of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM®). We pride ourselves on the clinical excellence of the services we provide, and we are eager to make those services available to individuals who are seeking both residential and long-term outpatient addiction recovery and support.

Understanding Our Mission

It’s important to us for providers and referrers to understand our mission. We understand how difficult the road to recovery can be, and we aim to provide as much support as possible for those in treatment. At Spokane Falls Recovery Center, we strive to provide holistic and individualized care for those in need of addiction treatment services. We approach a complete sense of healing with compassion and understanding, which allows us to stand out from the rest.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs and Services

We provide a variety of addiction treatment programs and services for those in need. It’s essential for providers and referrers to know our modalities so they can assist their clients as best as possible.

Our available addiction treatment programs include a range of options.


Allowing the body to purge itself of drugs and alcohol can be an intense and uncomfortable process. Clients can go through withdrawal safely in comfortably through one of our detox programs, such as:

  • Medical detox program
  • Alcohol Detox Program
  • Opioid Detox Program
  • Methamphetamine Detox Program

Residential Program

Residential treatment is often a critical component to a client’s treatment, especially for those who have experienced a severe addiction. Through residential treatment, clients remain at our facility around the clock. There, our team of experts monitor their conditions and provide them with accountability and support.

Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program allows our clients to stay in our treatment center during the day and return home at night. our PHP provides a structured day for clients to participate in. However, every client is able to return home after their day of treatment with us.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program offers some freedom for clients participating. They are able to fit in other responsibilities within their day of meetings and programs.

Outpatient Program

Through our outpatient treatment program– Individuals are able to experience more freedom within their day while still receiving support.

Assessment and Intervention

We also can provide assessment and intervention services. When clients come to us for help, we take the time to assess their situation and determine the level of care they need. We also ask a series of questions during a brief intervention to help the client see their need for treatment.

Court-Ordered Treatment and Legal Support

In addition, if clients require it, we also offer court-ordered treatment and legal support services for those ordered by a court of law to receive treatment. We also offer support for other legal matters involving substance abuse as well.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Our available substance abuse treatment programs include:

  • Synthetic addiction treatment
  • Kratom addiction treatment
  • Oxycodone and hydrocodone addiction treatment
  • Fentanyl addiction treatment
  • Subutex and Suboxone addiction treatment
  • Benzodiazepine addiction treatment
  • Hypnotics addiction treatment
  • Stimulant addiction treatment
  • Polysubstance addiction treatment

If you believe your client could benefit from our range of programs and services, reach out to our team today. We look forward to working with different providers and referrers to continue to get people the treatment and help they need.

Building Clinical and Professional Relationships in Spokane and North Idaho

To provide the best, most robust care, we are constantly working on expanding and deepening our network of professional and clinical relationships in the Spokane community, in North Idaho, and beyond. If you are a provider in our region, and you wish to get to know us better or to discuss options for individuals under your care, please contact Spokane Falls Recovery Center and arrange for a phone call with our leadership or clinicians, or set up a visit to tour our facility.