In order to help people effectively manage their medications, we often need to be able to monitor patients outside of our regular hours. Attending an inpatient detox or substance abuse treatment program might feel intimidating and overwhelming, but we need to have a solid understanding of your symptoms at all hours of the day. The ability to monitor patients in the evenings gives us valuable insight into their needs, symptoms, and overall health. In order to adjust a person’s medication appropriately, we need to have a full understanding of a patient’s issues at all hours of the day and night.

Hope Starts Here

For patients whose solo attempts at sobriety have been unsuccessful, we find that an initial stabilization and assessment period followed by the administration and gradual tapering of an ancillary medication can help people through the most difficult parts of the detoxification process. Drug-induced dependence is so much easier to treat in a residential setting. While detoxing at home is preferable to many people, it usually doesn’t work. If you are looking to get control of substance use and begin managing medications appropriately, our team at Spokane Falls Recovery Center can help. There is no need to be embarrassed about your situation; a residential alcohol or drug addiction treatment program can help ensure that your life is not defined by your addiction.

What Happens in Our Residential Program?

A person with a moderate to severe level of chemical dependence often requires 24-hour support. At Spokane Falls Recovery Center, we are able to provide medications that will ease symptoms of withdrawal as your body and mind adjust. Medication-assisted detox increases the odds that a person will complete treatment, so we recommend this option to many of our patients. A residential detox program can help people transition into the following addiction treatment programs:

Therapy Begins Gradually in a Residential Program

Two of the most common forms of therapy for mental health and addiction issues are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Cognitive-behavioral therapy gives people the skills to interrupt disruptive thought patterns that can lead to unhealthy behaviors. Dialectical behavior therapy gives people skills to manage stress, improve relationships, and handle stress and life changes in healthier ways. Our programs have proven effective for people who experience the following:

  • Have long-term drug or alcohol use
  • Have a dangerously high tolerance
  • Are struggling with mental health issues
  • Need assistance with mental health concerns
  • Are using dangerous amounts of addictive drugs
  • Are prevented from achieving their goals by addiction

What About Insomnia?

The ability to sleep is a fundamental part of human life. Our relationship with sleep has a dramatic impact on our overall health. Many people who use harmful amounts of psychoactive substances do so in order to help them relax before falling asleep. Most people who are considering inpatient detox are worried about whether they will be able to sleep. Addiction affects our circadian rhythms, so detoxing from certain drugs will make sleep more difficult. We have medications available for severe insomnia, but our goal at Spokane Falls Recovery Center is to help people get back on a natural sleep schedule.

Get the Care You Need at Spokane Falls Recovery Center

Our residential detox program is designed to give you the tools and resources to help you stop relying on substances that cause harm in your life. The recovery process is daunting, but the rewards are unimaginable. Take the initial step toward recovery by contacting our treatment team to learn more about each of our programs. You can reach our qualified, compassionate detox team at Spokane Falls Recovery Center at 844.962.2775 now.