What to Expect at Rehab?

A place where lives change, where healing moments happen, where the pieces come together.

two women discussing what to expect at rehabStarting treatment for the first time can be scary. So can finding the courage to come back to treatment again, if you need to. You probably have questions about what to expect at rehab, which can feel overwhelming.

Some of the details, like “How long will I be at the center each day?”, are based on what level of care you are receiving: outpatient treatmentintensive outpatient treatment, or partial hospitalization treatment. Whichever program you are enrolled in, there are things that will be similar at each level of care.

You’ll learn a lot.

Recovery deals honestly with difficult co-occurring capable disorders like trauma, mental illness, and family problems. Our holistic approach means we talk about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of addiction. Our goal is to help you understand the factors that make your addiction difficult, because awareness can open the door to healing, changed behaviors, and a changed life. The things you learn about yourself may surprise you.

We also teach life skills and coping strategies. You’ll learn a lot of new strategies, no matter what your circumstances are or what brought you to treatment. What you learn will become the tools that help you change your behaviors and begin to live a life in recovery.

You’ll have help.

Care at Spokane Falls Recovery Center offers a holistic and individualized approach. Our licensed clinicians work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that incorporates both our knowledge of addiction medicine and pathways to recovery, and your knowledge of your own needs, challenges, and goals.

As you continue in treatment, you’ll be asked to share honestly about what’s working and what isn’t.  This provides you and your clinician an opportunity to work together to find solutions as you grow and your situation changes.

It will be hard.

We won’t lie. Treatment is not easy. It takes your time and asks you to engage in topics and activities that are very challenging. Depending on the level of care that is right for you, you might be spending up to six hours a day at the treatment center. It is a demanding process, and it takes commitment and determination. Treatment asks you to think, feel, and talk about things you’d probably rather ignore or forget. Change happens when we disrupt the comfort and challenge thoughts and behaviors that are self-destructive. You can expect to be challenged when you are here.

You’ll meet good people like you.

Some parts of the recovery journey can feel lonely, but when you participate in care with us, you will be surrounded by people who are peers. While participating in group sessions, you will find people who are open and warm-hearted, and who have compassion, empathy, and understanding for what you are going through. The connections you make here can be the beginning of finding friends and community for healthy, sober living and long-term recovery in Spokane.

It will be intensely honest and personal.

When you are in treatment, you’ll be asked to speak honestly about your habits, your feelings, your past, and your triggers. It takes courage and self-awareness to share these things, but you’ll be surrounded by people who listen with compassion and understanding. You won’t be lost in the crowd, and you won’t be on a conveyor belt that automatically pushes you through to the next steps of recovery when you aren’t ready. Instead, you’ll be asked to engage and to take responsibility for your own participation and personal growth, and your progress in therapy will be based on individualized attention and assessment.

You’ll have structure and support.

You’re starting a new phase of your life when you are in treatment, but you won’t have to wonder what to do with your time. Our addiction treatment programs are highly structured and created with the understanding that early recovery is a difficult and delicate time. You’ll have many choices of healthy activities to participate in, ranging from group and individual therapy to activities like meditation, yoga, massage, and outdoor excursions. Together with your clinicians and peers, you’ll also plan for healthy ways to spend your time when your formal treatment activities are drawing to a close.

You can find your way to the miracle of recovery.

Because treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center is evidence-based, holistic, and individualized, you will have many sources of insight that can contribute to your understanding of your addiction and your pathway to recovery. We truly believe that if you engage in the process of treatment and remain open to the healing moments around you, you can experience the miracle of recovery. We want to support you in your journey and in the victory of long-term recovery.

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