Starting Treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center

individuals starting treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center after Spokane Falls Recovery Center admissionsThe entire treatment process from start to finish can be a daunting one. From choosing your treatment center to the admissions process to participating in treatment to ending your program, it can be a lot of information for one person to process. However, when it comes to starting treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center, we strive to make the process as seamless as possible. Our team is with you from start to finish, whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or for a loved one.

Rehab Admissions Process

Starting treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center begins with our rehab admissions process. The process starts with a phone call to our team. During this call, you are able to ask any questions surrounding treatment you may have, we can address any of your concerns, and we can discuss your treatment options. We also work with you to determine which programs might be ideal for your needs. We also make you aware if your needs are beyond what we can provide, and we work with you to find a program more suitable.

During this call, one of our admissions counselors will ask a series of questions surrounding your substance abuse. These questions allow us to gain an understanding of your background and your needs for treatment.

We then walk you through the insurance verification process and discuss costs. Our team holds years of experience in dealing with insurance companies so that you can feel confident during this portion of the process.

From here, you will receive your treatment plan that includes the types of programs you will participate in. Program options can include the following:

We also have staff who are co-occurring capable.

What to Expect at Rehab

Before you begin with your addiction treatment programs, you may feel unsure of what’s to come.

First and foremost, when starting treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center, you can expect compassion, empathy, understanding, and respect. Many of our team members are on their own journey of recovery, so we understand what you’re experiencing.

While the experience may become difficult at times, it’s important to remember that everyone surrounding you at rehab is here to support and help you. There may be times when you must speak about deeply personal and sometimes uncomfortable topics. However, these discussions help you to understand your addiction better, why you came to have an addiction, and ultimately how you remain in recovery. You will learn about your addiction, how to manage your health properly, and just how strong you really are.

While in rehab, you will also come to meet others just like you. Your peers in treatment share similar experiences, backgrounds, and goals when it comes to addiction. Your time at rehab helps you to not only strengthen your communication and people skills, but it also helps you to grow your support system.

Ultimately, you can expect to grow and heal from your experience at rehab.

Addiction Treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center

Starting treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center is possible by reaching out to our team today. We greet each of our clients with the same compassion and respect as you would expect from a doctor’s office. We believe that addiction is a disease, and we strive to treat our clients as though they’re struggling with any other disease. Don’t allow any part of the process to deter you from receiving the care and support you need. From our clients to their families, we’re here to make healing possible. Contact Spokane Falls Recovery Center today by calling 844.962.2775. Our team is ready to help.