Our partial hospitalization program is the highest level of outpatient treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center. Our PHP offers intensive care and counseling in support of your recovery. It is appropriate for people who do not meet criteria requiring medical detoxification or twenty-four-hour supervision, but who will benefit from a higher level of care than standard outpatient treatment can provide. After our assessment, we will be able to determine if our partial hospitalization program is ideal for your needs.

What Is Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

group therapy during a partial hospitalization program in spokane waThe partial hospitalization program (also referred to as PHP) offers structured day treatment that allows an individual to live at home while accessing services at our center. PHP is different from a residential treatment program because you can go home at night and on the weekends, rather than living at the rehabilitation center. Some people have chosen to reside in a sober living environment rather than at home for additional support.

The PHP model has advantages: you can have the freedom to maintain some of your responsibilities while you are in treatment, like caring for your children or your household. You have some time away from the treatment center, which allows individuals to implement what they have learned. But there are challenges, too: you must leave the controlled environment of our treatment center every day and manage the difficulties and temptations of home life or unstructured time on your own.

Talk with our clinicians about how partial hospitalization will work for you, and how you can have support in managing challenges while still maintaining your journey of recovery.

What Does PHP Include?

Programming we provide in PHP treatment addresses the underlying causes of addiction. An individual participates in highly structured activities that allow a transition into a sober lifestyle at a slower pace. Activities in PHP include:

  • 30 hours per week of counseling – usually 6 hours a day for 5 days a week
  • Weekly individual counseling sessions
  • Drug screening, as required
  • Case management
  • Life skills classes
  • Yoga, meditation, and massage
  • Nutrition and mental health services

These activities are organized and structured to support the individualized treatment plan that is created with the individual and their clinician.

How Long Will a Partial Hospitalization Program Last?

Our partial hospitalization treatment lasts for approximately 30 days. As with all addiction programming, we base our recommended length of treatment on personal needs, progress in treatment and medical necessity guidelines. Our clinicians work with individuals to determine their ongoing needs for treatment and with insurance companies to manage costs effectively.

Our PHP program is designed for individuals to continue on in programming at a lower level of care, offering continuity of services, continued peer support, and a clear view of the next steps on the journey of recovery.

After completing our partial hospitalization program, clients are able to move on to our intensive outpatient program and addiction outpatient program. As they work through their treatment plan, they continue to learn the necessary skills and tools they need to remain successful in their recovery journey.

Life-Changing Recovery at Spokane Falls Recovery Center

At Spokane Falls Recovery Center, we believe that recovery is a life-long journey. An intensive program like partial hospitalization can be a good start to that journey. Our goal is to strengthen your commitment to recovery and give you the life skills and support necessary to continue your journey. We believe that your time in treatment here can be when healing moments happen and your life is changed for the better. To learn more about our partial hospitalization program in Spokane, WA, contact Spokane Falls Recovery Center now at 844.962.2775. Our team is ready to help you with the admissions and insurance verification process today.