Alcoholism is a prison that gets smaller and more deplorable as the years go on. The safest place to detox is in a medical facility; however, many people are reluctant to do so based on social stigma, previous experience, and fear. During detoxification, uncomfortable – and sometimes dangerous – withdrawal symptoms take hold as the body works to reestablish balance after essentially being sedated for weeks, months, or years.

At Spokane Falls Recovery Center, our alcohol detox program is staffed by the most knowledgeable, compassionate, committed group of professionals in Washington. Helping people overcome alcoholism is our life’s work, and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to prove that to you. Contact our intake center by calling 844.962.2775 or by reaching out to us online to start healing your body, mind, and spirit.

Overcoming Alcoholism Is Within Your Reach

The first step in treating alcoholism is to eliminate the drug from the body and mediate the symptoms of withdrawal. For a person who has become physically dependent on alcohol, this prospect feels wholly and utterly impossible. Coming to terms with alcoholism involves the realization that if quitting on your own were a possibility, you would have already quit. The decision to attend drug addiction treatment isn’t easy, but it can help you achieve the things that matter most.

People with alcohol dependency often suffer from a sensation of mounting tension, which a person may associate with negative feelings, resentments, or perceptions. Drinking alleviates the feeling of tension, but it doesn’t relieve the tension itself. When alcohol is no longer an option, we are forced to confront our shortcomings head-on. This is easier in a community of people who understand the struggle and have helped others in your same situation.

Uncontrolled Drinking Regardless of Consequences

We know that drinking alcohol heavily on a daily basis substantially increases the risk of psychological, social, and medical problems for many members of our community. An uncontrollable physical dependence on alcohol limits the lives of so many people. As with many other mental health issues, alcoholism is easier to treat when people attend substance abuse treatment at an early age; however, many people with alcohol use disorder go to great lengths to hide their condition. These are a few of the symptoms of alcohol dependence:

  • Physical withdrawal
  • Mounting health issues
  • Damaged relationships
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Hiding how much you drink
  • Avoiding people who don’t drink
  • Avoiding events that don’t involve drinking
  • Comparing your drinking to other people’s
  • Using alcohol to avoid dealing with problems

Medical Detox to Alcohol Addiction Treatment: The Transition

Medically managed withdrawal can remove alcohol from your system, but the work accomplished in treatment will set you free. If rational, well-meaning people are worried about your drinking, there is most likely a reason. At Spokane Falls Recovery Center, we want you to know that your life is worth living. Many people begin drinking in order to avoid depression and loneliness, but the later stages of alcoholism involve more loneliness and depression than many people realize. The following alcohol addiction treatment programs have been proven to help people struggling with alcohol addiction:

While some people are able to consume alcohol without consequences, many of us cannot. If you fall into the “cannot” category, you are not alone. Becoming addicted to alcohol is easier than many people realize. If you or a loved one in the Washington area shows symptoms of alcoholism, it is vital to seek alcohol addiction treatment in a medically monitored setting. At Spokane Falls Recovery Center, we have the people, track record, and resources to help people get and stay sober. Contact us by calling 844.962.2775 or reach out to us online. Breaking free of alcoholism can start today.