a therapist discusses the benefits of a medical detox program with a client about to enter a medical detox center

5 Benefits of Medical Detox

Every addiction recovery story begins with detox or purging addictive substances from the body. A medical detox program can significantly ease this initial recovery phase and set a person up for a successful journey to sobriety. At Spokane Fall Recovery Center, we are passionate about helping as many people as possible achieve their addiction-recovery goals…

a man asks a therapist about the alcohol detox process at an alcohol detox center in spokane washington

What Does the Alcohol Detox Process Look Like?

Alcohol addiction impacts millions of people each year. The prospect can be overwhelming for many people who may want to quit drinking. Fortunately, with the support of a professional alcohol detox program, sobriety is far more attainable, and its benefits can be accessed by anyone willing to enter the program. If you or a loved…

a therapist talks to a woman about how to prepare for alcohol detox

How to Prepare for Alcohol Detox

Choosing to quit drinking is a life-changing decision, especially when someone suffers from alcohol use disorder (AUD). As with all chemical dependence, the downside of quitting is that you will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms range from mild to severe. The alcohol detox center at Spokane Falls Recovery Center offers patients a comfortable…

a man stares at a sunset as he considers the signs of opioid detox

5 Signs of Opioid Detox

Most people have heard about the opioid epidemic, but many still do not understand it. The opioid epidemic refers specifically to the increasingly growing number of overdoses, hospitalizations, and deaths caused by opioids, both prescription and illegal. Primarily due to opioids, drug overdose is now the leading cause of preventable death across the nation. Opioid…

a group of people discuss the benefits of a residential addiction treatment program

3 Benefits of a Residential Addiction Treatment Program

Drug and alcohol rehab programs generally fall into inpatient and outpatient categories. While both are equally focused on successful recovery, each has pros and cons, depending on your individual needs and circumstances. Most people in recovery work through the continuum of care transitionally, stepping down from higher treatment levels as they progress toward their recovery…

two men discuss signs of cocaine addiction in a loved one

5 Signs of a Cocaine Addiction in a Loved One

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant that causes significant changes in the brain and behavior. It is estimated that approximately five million Americans are regular cocaine users. What starts as recreational use or experimentation often quickly develops into a potentially life-threatening addiction with devastating consequences in all areas of life. Because of its high cost,…

is a partial hospitalization program right for me

Is a Partial Hospitalization Program Right for Me?

When you are ready to seek treatment for substance use, you will discover many levels of treatment available. A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is one valuable treatment option for you or a loved one. PHP provides a residential program’s structure and intensive treatment, but patients do not live at the treatment center. Some patients may…

what to expect during an intensive outpatient program

What to Expect During an Intensive Outpatient Program

When researching treatment programs for substance use disorders, you will encounter multiple levels of care. An intake specialist can help you determine what level of care is best suited to your treatment needs. One popular option is an intensive outpatient program or IOP. When considering an IOP, one should consider the benefits and the potential…