man thinking about how to start over after an addiction program

How to Start Over After Attending an Addiction Program

There is far more to recovery than just stopping your drug or alcohol use. Most individuals who have struggled with substance use issues have found that the real work of recovery begins after all use has stopped. The challenge becomes about reintegrating yourself into life; the inevitable “starting over” that must come after you have…

man talking about connection and human relationships

Connection: Rediscovering the Significance of Human Relationships

“Suffering does not solve any problem mechanically as much as it reveals the constant problem that we are to ourselves, and opens up new spaces within us for learning and loving” – Richard Rohr   Connecting With Others Life is about connection. Human beings are social creatures. We are often at our best when we…

a doctor talks to a woman asking what is physical dependence

What is Physical Dependence?

Nearly everyone has heard the word “addiction” before and knows the meaning of this word. However, terms you may not have heard of before are “physical dependence,” and “psychological dependence” which go hand in hand with addiction. As most people know, addiction is a chronic condition that is marked by a person actively seeking drugs…

an older man showing signs of alcoholism

Signs of Alcoholism

We know that regular drinking and frequent alcohol intoxication substantially increase the risk of social, medical, and psychological problems. Alcoholism is characterized by uncontrolled dependence on alcohol regardless of the consequences. Like many other health problems, alcoholism is easier to treat when detected early, but many alcoholics go to great lengths to conceal their condition.…