The addiction outpatient program at Spokane Falls Recovery Center is the lowest level of care that we offer. This level of programming gives people maximum flexibility and freedom while still providing support for long-term recovery. Our clinicians determine if outpatient therapy is appropriate and whether individuals meet the criteria for this level of care through our assessment and intervention. It is important to determine if an individual can handle an outpatient program in order to ensure they are set up for success.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

man smiling in his addiction outpatient program in spokane waOutpatient treatment is also referred to as OP or aftercare. Individuals at this care level spend varying hours a week at the center for counseling or activities, but the majority of their time is free and self-supervised. The time spent at the center is based on individual needs and the intensity of support required. Outpatient treatment is the concluding step of a rehabilitation journey, when a person has a good understanding of their addiction and a solid background of life skills and coping strategies to manage the challenges of ongoing recovery.

Talk with our clinicians about whether outpatient care is appropriate for your situation, and how you can have support in managing the challenges of home and work life while still maintaining your journey of recovery.

What Does Outpatient Treatment Include?

Outpatient requires varying hours of continued therapy on-site at the center which allows individuals to begin transitioning into a recovery-based lifestyle.

Activities in outpatient treatment include:

  • Varying hours of counseling based on medical necessity and individual needs
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Yoga, meditation, and massage

Activities in outpatient treatment are organized and structured to support the individualized treatment plan that you create with your clinician.

Through these lower hours of treatment, individuals are able to meet their responsibilities at home. This allows them to go to work, school, and participate in family activities.

How Long Does Outpatient Treatment Last?

The length of our aftercare program is based on an individual’s needs. It is designed to be sustainably integrated with a person’s life, so it can be used over a long period of time to ensure that an individual is well on their way to a permanent recovery-based lifestyle.

As with all programming, we base our recommended length of treatment on personal needs, progress in treatment, and medical necessity guidelines.

Our outpatient or aftercare programming is designed to be the final step of a treatment program for addiction, providing the “aftercare” for a longer treatment journey and offering skills necessary to transition from intensive, highly structured environment successfully back into regular life.

Addiction Treatment Services

Our addiction outpatient program provides the necessary ongoing support for those in recovery from a variety of different substances. As individuals begin to reestablish a new, healthy routine, outpatient services continue to provide structure and care.

Substances that require addiction treatment include the following:

  • Synthetic addiction treatment
  • Kratom addiction treatment
  • Oxycodone and hydrocodone addiction treatment
  • Fentanyl addiction treatment
  • Subutex and Suboxone addiction treatment
  • Benzodiazepine addiction treatment
  • Hypnotics addiction treatment
  • Stimulant addiction treatment
  • Polysubstance addiction treatment

A Community and a Future for Long-Term Recovery

At Spokane Falls Recovery Center, we believe that recovery is a life-long journey. Our outpatient program can be an excellent way to continue your journey and build the skills you need for long-term recovery in your own life. Our goal is to strengthen your commitment to recovery and give you the life skills, support, and peer and community connections necessary to take the next steps. We believe that your time in treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center can be when healing moments happen and your life is changed for the better. Contact Spokane Falls Recovery Center today by calling 844.962.2775. Our team is ready to help you begin the insurance verification and admissions process.