Miracles of Recovery

We believe in sharing our past struggles with addiction as well as our successes in recovery, so that others may find hope in knowing that recovery is not only possible, but life changing! Below are examples of individuals who are working a recovery program and thriving as a result. The individuals who have graciously agreed to sharing their stories are people with whom we have shared many experiences and have been able to observe their growth over the years.

Brandon Sturm

Brandon’s alcohol and drug use began when he was in college, and quickly escalated into addiction. Over the course of twenty years he functioned as well as he could but went to treatment five times. Eventually, he could not function anymore. He decided he was finally ready to do what had been suggested, which was to change everything. He gave up his material belongings, career, friends, family, and moved across the United States in pursuit of the new Brandon. He never thought it would be possible to have a wife, children, and career that fulfilled him. Today, he gets to help people overcome the disease that almost took his life, and he is an exceptional husband, father, friend, leader, and business owner.