Returning to Treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center

Recovery is a journey. Every journey is different.

It takes courage to return to outpatient addiction treatment after you have relapsed. At Spokane Falls Recovery Center, we know that relapse can be part of the journey to long-term recovery, as painful as that fact is. Relapsing and returning to treatment does not have to mean failure. Instead, it can be an opportunity for you to refine your plan for sober living.

What Is Relapse?

man at a meeting after returning to treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery CenterRelapse can happen in many different ways. It may happen when you encounter a big disappointment, difficulty, or sadness—something more emotional than everyday life, and harder to cope with in a healthy way. But it can happen when something good or exciting happens, too. Handling very good and very bad things can both be risky when you’re in recovery.

You may find yourself using a different substance than you used before. It could be a prescription drug that was given to you by a doctor. It could be a prescription that was meant to help you with your addiction. All of these can be paths back to active using, and away from recovery and sober living.

But there’s something to keep in mind: Your body goes through changes when you are in recovery and you become less accustomed to having drugs or alcohol in your system. This means relapse can be very dangerous. If you have used again or you think that you might, it’s important to get help.

Call Us

Even if you’ve been in treatment before, even if you’ve been sober for years, we want to hear from you if you need help again. We know that relapse isn’t the end of the story, and that there is still hope for your recovery.

Returning to treatment after relapse starts with a simple phone call. There is no cost or commitment to start the conversation about returning to care. 

We Want to Help You Try Again

When we talk with you on the phone, we’ll ask some questions to understand your needs. Our brief evaluation will include questions like these:

  • What substances are you using?
  • How long have you been using them? How frequently do you use?
  • What areas of your life are you having problems in because of your addiction?
  • When have you done addictions treatment before?
  • What is your current employment and living situation?
  • Is there other medical information relevant to your treatment?

These questions are short and simple, and you will not need any special preparation to answer them. Simply having an honest conversation on the phone with our admissions specialist is enough.

Relapse Prevention Skills

Part of our addiction treatment programs and recovery at Spokane Falls Recovery Center is learning life skills that help you avoid relapse and manage difficult emotions, even in stressful circumstances. When you participate in care with us, we will learn about and practice relapse prevention skills that will help you manage difficult situations in the future.

Even if you have relapsed, you can try again. We understand that everyone’s journey of recovery is different. The people you will work with at Spokane Falls Recovery Center have experienced relapse and understand how difficult it is. We can help you through.

Your victory begins here. Rise again and overcome!

If you’re returning to treatment at Spokane Falls Recovery Center, know that you’re not alone in your journey. Many members of our team are on their own recovery journey, and we understand what you’re experiencing. Don’t feel discouraged to try again and embrace the chance of a fresh start. Contact Spokane Falls Recovery Center now at 844.962.2775 to start your next chapter.